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From Chapter One, Richer: Stewardship Sunday?

He’s been compared to Steve Jobs in terms of his ability to make presentations and I highly recommend that you search for “The Gods Aren’t Angry” if you’ve got a couple of evenings free. But in the meantime, if you’re considering a one-off Stewardship Sunday and you need a guest speaker, invite Rob Bell to […]

From Chapter Nine, Lifeline: The Next Five Minutes (Part One)

Happy birthday to one of my favourite Christian singer-songwriters, Steven Curtis Chapman. Although he’s produced a lot of GREAT music over the years, Speechless remains my favourite CD of his. From that 1999 album came the song, “The Next Five Minutes” from which we are encouraged to live “the next five minutes / Like these […]

Inheriting trouble

True story: Peter is a good friend and a great guy. A very religious man, I swear he single-handedly keeps Christian bookstores in business buying up bundles of anything he thinks will help people see the light. Married to his soul mate, Peter is a great father, and, by his own admission, an even better […]

From Chapter Ten, Marlin and Me: Surrender

Writing this book while at my cottage, I had an epiphany while listening to LeAnn Rime’s “Surrender.” The insights I gleaned that day make up a decent chunk of the print version of chapter ten of LOONIE. So while you’re listening to the beginning of the song (I couldn’t find a complete clip on the […]