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What the Dickens: What Charles had to say about money (1-6)

Charles Dickens turns 204 on February 7, 2016 and nine months early (in honour of his conception) I’m celebrating with six of the twelve things he – through his characters – said about money. This isn’t my list, it’s from The Telegraph (UK) newspaper. The other six famous quotes? Well, you’ll have to wait til Chuck’s birthday […]


“John’s desire is not to get us down on ourselves for where we might be today but to spread our wings and live gratefully, joyfully, generously, and expectantly, being a blessing to others when we have the ability or chance to do so.”
—From the foreword by Canada’s hockey hero, Paul Henderson

Rev. Dr. Robin Wilkie

“John VanDuzer tackles the difficult and dreaded subject of stewardship in a refreshing, engaging, and humorous way.”
—Rev. Dr. Robin Wilkie