How great thou Art

How great thou Art

I first wrote about Art Duerksen, a long-time member of The United Church on my other blog, way back on September 14, 2011 and my admiration for him has only increased since then.

As I wrote in the book, LOONIE is dedicated to Art Duerksen.

Art’s a missionary. Before that he was selling jewelry from a small store he owned in downtown Hamilton. How he got from one career to the other is simple: God called him to drop what he was doing and follow Him. Art obeyed.

And then disaster struck.

In the midst of a busy life ministering to people in Haiti and Africa, Art suffered a series of debilitating strokes. Undaunted, he ministered to people from his hospital bed. His doctors told him to start exercising. Art did so and then completed his first ever Ironman six months later.

Art looks great, he feels even better, and he radiates the love of Christ. He says words like “pumped” and “jacked” a lot. When we meet for coffee, I get pumped just listening to him.

I’m proud of Art. He inspires me, he encourages me and, best of all, he challenges me to go deeper in my faith and help others to do the same. If this book sells, Art will be the beneficiary, not me. Any and all of the profits from the sale of this book will go to him. I love the guy; like me, he’s loonie.

Consider making a donation to support Art’s work as a full-time missionary with Joy & Hope of Haiti. Yes, Joy & Hope of Haiti is a registered charity so you will certainly receive a tax receipt.

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